Bearings of different types: radial scroll bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered, spherical, single row, double row, four row, spherical (self-aligning) with cylindrical or tapered inside case. Single row roller, double row roller, self-aligning roller, axial roller, radial-axial roller, axial-radial roller, support roller bearings. Needle, needle axial bearings, support bearings. Slide bearings. Miniature bearings.
Axle-boxes of different types and made of various materials with varied coatings (bronze, steel, stainless steel with composed, Teflon coating) as well as of different forms and dimensions.
Linear systems: linear directional, profiled, cylindrical bearings, miniature slide bearings as well as rails, carriages and linear guide systems of different types and dimensions.
Diagnostic tools: mechanical and electronic manometers, tachometers, thermometers, diagnostic devices for prolongation of service life.
Installation & dismantling tools: professional auxiliary tools for installation and dismantling of bearings as well as Inductive heaters (for more efficient) installation of bearings.
Glands & retaining rings: different gaskets, glands, cufflinks, V-sealing, rubber rings as well as internal and external retaining rings.
Sheaves & feed belts: single-line and multi-line industrial sheaves of different types and profiles, with internal bushing and without it as well as different feed belts: wedge belts, classic tooth belts, industrial, reversible, multi-line groove belts, variator belts).
Gearwheels & skid chains: different gearwheel blanks (with straight and wry tooth). Industrial skid chains, transporter chains, conveyor chains, pulling chains and chain links.
Greases: we offer top-quality bearing greases by ADDINOL.


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