PERMA: lubrication systems - cartridges

PERMA prevents up to 55 % of roller bearing failures

  • A constant renewal of the lubricating film ensures equipment availability
  • Reliable, clean and precise lubrication around the clock
  • Discharge periods from 1 - 24 months
  • Lubricant volume 60 cm3 up to 7.000 cm3
  • Operating temperature from -20 °C to +60 °C

PERMA reduces costs by up to 25 %

  • Continuous production processes and predictable maintenance intervals
  • Continuous, low maintenance, long-term lubrication
  • Permanent supply of lube-points with fresh lubricant
  • Consistently high lubricant quality guarantees
  • High equipment availability
  • Energy cost reduction

Industries around the world rely on automatic lubrication systems from PERMA

perma-tec has been providing innovative and creative lubrication solutions for almost 50 years. Our single- and multi-point lubrication systems can be found in almost all types of industries and applications around the world.

perma-tec’s leadership in single-point lubrication is based on many patents and certifications. All perma products are developed, tested and manufactured in the company’s German headquarters and live up to the "Made in Germany" quality standard.