Schaeffler group INA FAG: quality all around

   For more than 120 years, Schaeffler Group develops and manufactures highly precise products that are widely applied at industrial production and manufacture of vehicles, electric systems, industrial equipment, food and commodities as well as for needs of wind energy, aviation, space etc.
   Schaeffler Group provides individual solutions for everybody; thus, it helps to turn the world.
   The group of companies was founded in the city of Herzogenaurach in north of Bavaria and it has three strong brands: INA, FAG and Luk.
   Agencies of Schaeffler Group are located in 180 spots of the globe in more than 50 countries and it operates as one whole integrated company. With more than 76,000 employees all over the world, Schaeffler Group is one of largest German and European industrial companies; in addition, it is a family business. Functions and standardized processes of the company facilitate consequent and fast decision-making. Representing companies and sale offices all over the world provide clients with quality communication and service.
   Schaeffler Group owns right for more than 18,500 patents and patent applications. Considerable sums are invested in researches and development every year. Recently, scientific centres in Asia and North America were opened. Approximately 6,000 employees are working on new products and technologies every day in more than 40 research and development centres all over the world.
   Engineers of Schaeffler Group have special interest in non-traditional solutions that differs the company and makes it distinct. Additional elements of the company success are: high level of employee quality development, exemplar environment protection, and stable long-term and purposeful development of the company.
   Clients form approximately 60 different industries relay on each item produced by Schaffler Group in the whole universe. Cooperation with INA and FAG means quality all over.


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